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  Section A Long Conversations

  ConverSATion One

  1. D) It can benefit professionals and non-professionals alike.

  2. A) Stories about some female physicists.

  3. B) By including lots of fascinating knowledge.

  4. C) It provides experiments they can do themselves.

  ConverSATion Two

  5. A) He has no idea how to proceed with his dissertation.

  6. C) It is too broad.

  7. D) Nature.

  8. B) Stick to the topic assigned.

  Section B Passages

  Passage One

  9. A) The unprecedented high temperature in GREenland.

  10. B) It typically appears about once every ten years.

  11. C) Iceless summers in the Arctic.

  Passage Two

  12. D) A strong determination.

  13. C) It’s most important to have confidence in one’s willpower.

  14. D) They could keep on working longer.

  15. A) They are subject to change.

  Section C Lectures or Talks

  Recording One

  16. D) About half of current jobs might be automated.

  17. A) They could grade high-school essays just like human teachers.

  18. B) It has to rely on huge amounts of previous data.

  Recording Two

  19. C) The theoretical aspects of sustainable energy.

  20. D) Drive trains with solar energy.

  21. C) Find a new material for storing energy.

  Recording Three

  22. B) The poor relation between national health and social care services.

  23. A) It was mainly provided by voluntary services.

  24. B) Their preference for private services.

  25. C) They have long been discriminated against.


  In recent years, more and more museums in China have been open to the public for free. The numbers of both exhibitions and visitors are rising remarkably. It is common that the waiting lines at the gate of some popular museums are quite long. Thus, measures should be taken to limit the number of visitors. Some of the large museums make their exhibitions more attrACTive by employing advanced technologies like media and virtual reality. In addition, quite a few museums have online exhibitions so that people can appreciate those rare and valuable exhibits. However, for most visitors, it is still more attrACTive to experience the exhibitions on the scene.


  Section B

  Resilience Is About How You recharge, Not How You Endure

  36. D

  It has been found that inadequate recovery often leads to poor health and accidents.

  37. J

  Mental relaxation is much needed, just as physical relaxation is.

  38. L

  Adequate rest not only helps one recover, but also increases one’s work efficiently.

  39. A

  The author always has a hectic time before taking a flight.

  40. E

  Recovery may not take place even if one seems to have stop ped working

  41. K

  It is advised that technology be used to prevent people from overworking

  42. I

  Contrary to popular belief, rest does not equal recovet.

  43. B

  The author has come to see that this problem results from a misunderstanding of the meaning of resilience.

  44. G

  People’s distorted view about resilience may have developed from their upbringing.

  45. C People tend to think the more determined they are, the GREater their success will be.


  51)C It is not so obvious but has caused some concern.

  52)D It GREatly improves research on human behavior.

  53)B It relies on lab observations and participants’ reports.

  54)A By helping them pin down their unusual behaviors.

  55)B They are increasingly focused on real-life situations.


  How to balance academic study and extracurriculum activities

  It is a truth universally acknowledged that academic study and extracurriculum ACTivities are equally important for students. Therefore, it may arouse many people’s curiosity on how to strike a balance between them.

  Several feasible options, which could be highly effective to help you get rid of this dilemma, are as follows. Initially, there is no doubt that students are supposed to achieve fair results in academic study, which is entitled to your priority as a student and finishing your academic task and then getting involved in ACTivities is a brilliant choice. Additionally, many students should also have detected the vitality of participating in extracurriculum ACTivities by its glaring advantages like making more friends, sharpening your perspectives, broadening your horizon, etc. Furthermore , students should avoid getting overly engaged in the affairs brought by diverse after-class activities, because your academic performance might be adversely affected, which is a sign that you are unable to stand out in extracurriculum activities.

  To reiterate, striking a balance between extracurriculum activities and academic study means a lot to students . Not only does it assist them become more knowledgeable, but it also can serve as a SATellite, guiding them to witness more dimensions of the world.












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    考研英语 针对本年度的考研英语作出整体规划,以构筑考研学员坚实的英语基础为目标,将考研中涉及的语法、词汇、阅读等基础技能进行系统归纳梳理,讲解词汇语法记忆与运用,帮助学员夯实英语基础,为提高强化班的听课效率及个人成绩打下基础。 英语基础明显薄弱或零基础,需要提高自学能力,缺乏学习方法和复习规划的学员 详细
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    考研数学 针对本年度的考研数学作出整体规划,讲解高等数学、线性代数、概率论与数理统计中基本概念、基本理论和方法,让学员了解考研基本题型及要求,为提高强化班的听课效率及个人成绩打下基础。 数学基础薄弱,需要提高自学能力,缺乏学习方法和复习规划的学员 详细
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    考研英语政治基础强化集训营 在短期内提供考研英语政治集中式复习辅导,封闭式教学管理,全程配备助教,进行学习监督、测评、答疑等。帮助学生从基础知识到解题技巧逐渐提高,掌握重点,突破难点,增强应试能力。 适用于基础薄弱,英语需要从词汇语法开始提高、政治需要从基础知识到解题技巧的学员; 详细
    考研英语政治数学基础强化集训营 在短期内提供考研政治数学集中式复习辅导,封闭式教学管理,全程配备助教,进行学习监督、测评、答疑等。帮助学生从基础知识到解题技巧逐渐提高,掌握重点,突破难点,增强应试能力。 适用于基础薄弱,英语需要从词汇语法开始提高、政治需要从基础知识到解题技巧的学员。 详细
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    四级基础强化全程班 包含四级基础、强化、冲刺走读班、四级模考串讲班、四级写作点睛班等课程内容。 适用于希望打牢基础知识,学习一些时态、语态掌握等基础知识的学员。 详细
    班级名称 课程内容 适合学员 详细
    六级基础强化全程班 包含六级词汇走读班、六级基础强化全程走读班(精听精读)、六级冲刺班、六级模考串讲班、六级词汇串讲班、六级写作点睛班的课程内容。 适用于希望打牢基础知识,学习一些时态、语态掌握等基础知识的学员。 详细



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