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  There are manyquestions about William Shakespeare that have been puzzling literary circles.

  Shakespeare usedmore than 20,000 words in his plays. But where did he learn all these words?Shakespeare never went to any school or university. ___36___ He couldn’t even read many books because in histime books were rare.

  Shakespeare neverwent abroad. ___37___ So how did Shakespeare know about the places, mountains,directions and even roads of a foreign country without ever going there? Hecould not have learned all this from maps which in his time were veryelementary.

  Still anotherpuzzling fact is that there was no mention of Shakespeare in the first playsthat he is said to have written. His name appeared for the first time on Love’s Labour Lost in 1598, five years after his first workcame out. ___38___

  18 plays ofShakespeare came out only after his death. ___39___ Does the silence ofShakespeare about these plays mean that they were not his at all? And if thatwas so, who wrote them? There are no clear answers to the riddle ofShakespeare. ___40___ There were many knowledgeable, widely travelled and greatliterary figures of the day; and such people might have had a reason forwriting under an assumed name(化名). So what is the truth about Shakespeare?Nobody knows for certain. The debate is still going on.

  A.He might have attended a grammar school at best.

  B.But there is no mention of them in Shakespeare’s will.

  C.Whether the first plays were written by him is still a mystery.

  D.There should be no questions on Shakespeare’s achievements.

  E.Shakespeare is oneof the most gifted writers in the literary world.

  F.However, some of his plays set in Italy display a wide knowledge of thecountry.

  G.The doubting scholars hold the view that somebody else wrote the plays thatwere credited(把…归于)to Shakespeare.





  【解析】从线索词来看,选项A中 school 与前句中school or university 构成同义复现;从逻辑与句义衔接上来看,前句讲莎士比亚没有上过任何学,选项讲他充其量只上过语法学校,构成顺承关系。故答案为A。



  【解析】从线索词上来看,选项F中 Italy 与前句中abroad、后句中 a foreign country 构成同义复现;从逻辑与句义衔接上来看,前句讲莎士比亚从未出过国,选项F讲但是他对意大利有很深的了解,构成转折关系,而与后句“莎士比亚没有出过国,是如何了解到这个国家的?”构成顺承关系。故答案为F。



  【解析】从线索词来看,选项C中 thefirst plays 与前句中 his first work 构成同义重复;从逻辑与句义衔接上来看,前句讲莎士比亚的名字第一次出现的时间是在他第一部作品出现的五年之后,自然就会让人怀疑第一部作品是否是由莎士比亚所写,与选项C契合。故答案为C。



  【解析】从线索词来看,选项B中them 指代前句中的 18 plays,no mention 与后句中 silence 构成同义重复;从逻辑与句义衔接上来看,前句说18部作品出现在莎士比亚去世后,选项B讲在他的遗嘱中也没有提到这18部作品,而后句中产生疑问:这18部作品是否是他所写,构成明显顺承关系。故答案为B。



  【解析】从线索词来看,选项G中 doubting 与前句中 no clear answers、riddle 构成同义重复,somebody else 与后句中many figures 构成同义重复。故答案为G。


  How to make the world a better place?

  When you think about people who have made theworld a better place, you probably think of famous scientists or great leaders.That is not all the facts. ___36___ An act of kindness can bring a smile to aperson’s face even if only for a moment.

  Give away your money. ___37___ For example, ifyou want to help the hungry people, you can try to find an internationalorganization that provides food for those in poor areas. Every cent you giveaway will mean a lot.

  Help a stranger. Your small actions can brightenthe day of others. Hold the door for someone whose hands are full. Help theblind cross the street. ___38___ The key is expecting nothing in return foryour acts of kindness.

  Care about those you know. Show the people closeto you how much you care about them. Tell them they mean a lot to you. Make abeautiful gift for a friend. Take your husband to his favorite fun place if hehas had a hard week. ___39___

  Be grateful to others. Have you had good servicein a restaurant? Thank the waiter. Do you have a very good neighbor who isalways there when you need her? Tell her how much you appreciate her being inyour life.

  ___40___ If a friend needs skill in a certainarea, offer your advice. Perhaps she is struggling to set up a computer, andyou know how to do that. Offer whatever ability you have, but always rememberto be polite.

  A.Keep walkingforward.

  B.Share yourknowledge.

  C.Small step, notbig once.

  D.Give your seat onthe bus to an old man.

  E.Choose a charitythat has meaning for you.

  F.Tell your childrenhow much they mean to you.

  G.Ordinary peoplelike you and me can also help a lot.





  【解析】根据前一句“That is not all the truth.”以及后一句“An act of kindness can bring a smile to a person’sface even if only for a moment.”可知,普通人的一些小的举动也可以让我们的世界更美好。故选G。

  37. 【答案】E


  【解析】根据本段的中心句“Give away your money.”和后面说的例子可知捐助是一种很好的方式,而E项就提到了向慈善机构捐款的内容。故选E。

  38. 【答案】D


  【解析】根据本段的中心句“Help a stranger.”以及本段所列举的小例子可知,对于陌生人要“勿以善小而不为”。故选D。

  39. 【答案】F







  As you grow rapidly through your teenageyears, you will experience a lot of changes. The changes may seem difficult. ___36___ Don`t panic!You will deal successfully with them! You are a young adult now!

  With more responsibility, you will findmore freedom to make your own choices. This is a time to be well informed aboutmaking choices. In this way you can make healthy balanced decisions. ___37___ You may already knowyour career path or you may have no idea at all what you want to do. Bothsituations are fine! Work hard and the right opportunity will present itself toyou.

  Young adulthood means greater freedom andmore choices. ___38___But try not to shut your family out of your life. You should learn to think ofothers even though you are old enough to look after yourself.

  It is also perfectly natural at this timefor you to spend more time with your friends than your family. ___39___ A true friend willstand by you no matter what happens.

  This period is a part of the life cycle.There are some people who will be with you throughout life`s journey. Therewill be some people with whom you part and go separate ways. Leaving school canbe hard. The reality is that you may not even see all of your classmates again.

  You are a young adult. It is your life. Noone can live it for you. ___40___So making the right choices will be important to you. Life is for living. Enjoyyour life wisely!

  A.Choose yourfriends wisely.

  B.They willhelp shape the future.

  C.They mayseem to happen quickly.

  D.You willprobably want to be independent.

  E.You mayappreciate what you have in your own life.

  F.The choicesthat you make from now on will be your choices.

  G.Your familyhas been with you since you came into this world.





  【解析】36空前一句是说“这些改变可能会非常的困难”,其中原文The changes may seem刚好对应选项 They may seem, 所以选C。



  【解析】首先选项中的“They”就是指37空前一句的“healthy balanced decisions”,其次选项中的“future未来”就是指37空后一句表示将来概念的“careerpath 和 what you want to do”,所以选B.



  【解析】首先选项中的“independent独立自主”对应37空前一句的“freedom自由”,其次选项中的“independent独立自主”刚好与下文“But try not to shut your family out of your life”构成转折关系,所以选D。










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